Fall Ball Programs and Age Divisions

Fall Ball Programs

Fall Ball is comprised of two separate programs, which are overseen by each individual league according to OC Fall Ball guidelines:

  1. Fall Recreational (similar to Spring-level)
  2. Fall Select (similar to All Star-level)

Both programs involve playing teams from other leagues, but each offers a different level of competition and  commitment from the players.  Some schedule information can be found on our Schedule page.  Please refer to your leagues individual websites for additional information about the two programs. 

Fall Ball Age Divisions

Beginning in Fall 2018, OC Fall Ball requires that Select-level players play in the division that they will be placed in the following Spring season.   In many cases, a player will be required to "play up" to the division above what they played in previous Spring or All Star seasons. Recreational-level players are not required to move up at this time, however OC Fall Ball highly recommends that all players at all levels play the Fall season in the division that they will play during the following Spring season.


2019 Fall Select Age Divisions - These divisions will be the same as 2020 Spring.

  • 6U: Birth year 2013 and 2014   
  • 8U: Birth year 2011 and 2012
  • 10U: Birth year 2009 and 2010
  • 12U: Birth year 2007 and 2008
  • 14U: Birth year 2005 and 2006          

If a Select-level player does not want to move up in age to the division that they will be required to play in the following Spring, then they have the option to play on a Recreational-level team.  


Based on the OC Fall Ball guidelines, your player may find themselves using a ball that is bigger than they are used to, or playing with rules that that they are unfamiliar with. However, this policy is being enacted during the Fall Season in order to transition players to new rules and equipment in a slightly more "relaxed" fall environment, preparing them for Spring.

Because all the teams in OC Fall Ball are required to follow the same rules, all teams will include players who are new to the division